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Stanley McChrystal in Listen, learn… then lead

“Leaders can let you fail, and ye”t not let you be a failure.” General Stanley McChrystal will teach you everything he learned on leadership during his whole career. Creating a shared purpose is not an easy thing to do ! All of your ideas are worth spreading ! Feed your Brain and be one of […]

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Ramsey Musallam in 3 rules to spark learning   Recently updated !

Ramsey Musallam is a chemistry teacher, and through his short and funny talk, he will make you discover the 3 rules that ease your everyday learning and understanding. It all starts with curiosity… Feed your Brain and be one of the  TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne Attendees !  

Richard ST. John in 8 secret of success   Recently updated !

You wan to be successful? After 7 years of research and over 500 interviews, Richard St. John summarized for you the secrets that leads to success. Feed your Brain and be one of the  TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne Attendees ! Incoming search terms:Richard St John

Nancy Duarte in The secret structure of great talks

From the “I have a dream” speech to Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch, all great presentations have a common architecture. In this talk, Nancy Duarte draws lessons on how to make a powerful call-to-action. (Filmed at TEDxEast.)   Feed your Brain and be one of the  TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne Attendees !   Incoming search terms:Nancy Duarte\s The secret structure […]

David Steindl-Rast in Want to be happy? Be grateful

You want to be happy? Watch this great life lesson. Shy at first, David Steindl-Rast will transcend you with his simple message. You can be happy, it’s only a matter of vision. Happiness comes from gratitude : be grateful for what you have and for the opportunities you may have. Your ideas and knowledge are worth […]

Amu Cuddy in Your body shapes who you are

“Fake until you make it.” In one of the most powerful TED talk, Amy Cuddy will make you learn about your body language and how it affects judgements and your personality. Your ideas are worth spreading! Share yours and be the next student speaker at TEDxEcoleHôlièreLausanne !

Appollo Robins in The Art of misdirection

“Attention is a powerful thing, it shapes your reality.” His hilarious talk will make you realize that the flaws in your perception can easily end up in having your wallet and your watch stolen without you even noticing it. As one of the greatest pickpockets of the world, Appollo Robins feeds our brains through his knowledge of […]

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Apply as a Speaker !

Dear Followers ! Have you ever felt the desire to spread a new idea to the World? Do you have what it takes to stand up to an audience and talk about Ideas ? The TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne Theme in 2015 is: “Feed Your Brain” To Apply As a TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne Speaker, Send us a 1 minute video […]

How much do you know about TEDx ?

At TEDxEcoleHôtelièreLausanne, we believe we can make a difference in your daily life ! we work hard to find the best speakers ! and to SHARE IDEAS WORTH SPREADING.